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Adrienne Bailon is OK!’s style contributor! The multitalented actress, singer, and host of The Real is sharing her favorite fashion, beauty, and entertainment picks for her column, “Adrienne Bailon Approved,” every week. Read on to find out what’s catching her eye these days.

loreal voluminous mascara

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara
“My favorite mascara that never fails me, good old L’Oreal Voluminous lash. It’s my go-to. I keep it in my purse. I get it in the blackest black. Everyone talks about the Christian Dior one, but I swear by Voluminous lash. It’s the lower budget version of the Dior!”

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wolf of wall street poster

The Wolf of Wall Street
“I am known to fall asleep in movies, so my friends can’t believe I stayed awake, on the edge of my seat, for The Wall of Wolf Street. And it’s a long movie! It just came out on DVD, and I went and bought it the day it came out. I thought it was hilarious. Leonardo DiCaprio is not bad to look at, at all. The character of Naomi, they did such an incredible job on the retro fashion. She wore all Versace and vintage Chanel. It was amazing to capture that moment in fashion.”

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st tropez tanner

St. Tropez tanning essentials
T”he spring is here. Finally. Took long enough! I know people definitely want to look more golden. I’m obsessed with St. Tropez tan and all their products, from Sephora. I’ve actually had the company come to my house and do a spray tan for me. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. You’re protecting your skin from the sun, but getting the same effect. It lasted really long, and the products helped me maintain a great fake tan.”

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“An awesome charity to be involved with, #HashtagLunchbag. They have it in a bunch of different cities. People get together to volunteer, put together lunchbags and hand them out to the less fortunate, homeless people, different shelters. They have an apple,  you get a sandwich, turkey and cheese with a tomato. There’s water in there. You can follow them on Instagram. They’re in Chicago, LA, New York, other places. It’s definitely a charity that I love, love love. When I have a Sunday I can participate, I definitely join.”

bottega louie

Bottega Louie
“If I could live anywhere in the world, it’d be Paris. But because I work in Los Angeles, the closet thing to it is a store called Bottega Louie. They have the most incredible macaroons, and an incredible variety of them. Lavender and pistachio are my favorite. You can eat anything there, full-on meals. I never leave there without an entire box of assorted flavors of macaroons. It makes a great gift. Just show up with a pretty box, and they actually wrap it really beautifully.”

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