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Adrienne Bailon is OK!’s style contributor! The multitalented actress, singer, and host of The Real is sharing her favorite fashion, beauty, and entertainment picks for her column, “Adrienne Bailon Approved,” every week. Read on to find out what’s catching her eye these days.


Carmex body lotion
“First of all, I’ve been obsessed with Carmex lip balm—the addiction I have to it! They now have body lotion, literally the best lotion. This winter’s been pretty rough. I recommend putting it on your feet and putting some comfy socks on. It’s amazing.”

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“Have you heard of Brabble before? It’s the new social-media app. It’s everything in one place. You can do videos, you can do voice message, like ‘Good morning guys, it’s freaking hideous outside.’ People can send messages back to you, like ‘I know, isn’t it so ugly?’ You can send pictures to each other, like Instagram. I love it. And I know it sounds weird, but I’m always screen-grabbing people’s Instagrams so I can zoom in, and this actually allows you to zoom without being creepy. You can talk to me on there; it’s @adrienne_bailon, the same like my other social medias.”

healthy latin living
“My really, really good friend Angie Martinez—who’s the voice of New York, she’s on the radio on Hot97—she created a recipe website, where people can share recipes. Or how to cook healthier version of Latino food. It’s got healthier versions of quesadillas, all the classic Latin meals that are horribly bad for you and clog your arteries. I love to eat, but I’m obviously trying to be health-conscious.”

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Rachel Zoe’s new book, Living in Style
“I became obsessed with her when I became obsessed with Nicole Richie, back when she lost all that weight and was in super fashionista mode. I love, love, love Rachel Zoe, so I absolutely will be buying that book. When she was doing the Jimmy Choo ad campaign, remember that?!”


Stella and Dot necklaces
“One of my favorite jewelry pieces is Stella and Dot. I just wore one last week, one of their gold necklaces, which I like to layer.”

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