Dressing Angelina Jolie is a pleasure, according to designer Marc Bouwer.

“She’s obviously a very famous person who is very selective about what she wears, but she’s always welcomed my ideas and always loved to see what we have,” he says. “I really enjoy working with her. I just think her humanitarian position has changed the way that actresses and people in the industry think about their careers and what they can actually do with their voice and the money they earn to help the world become a better place.”

What’s a style tip he can share?

“The best style tip I can offer is great undergarments or no undergarments, depending on your body, because it can ruin the line of a dress or it can completely save the line of the dress,” he tells me. “Beautiful grooming, great hairdo, fantastic shoes. Always have a great sexy pair of shoes. You can never go wrong with a great sexy pair of shoes.”

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