An open backyard of green grass, tons pink lipstick, and flirty femme dresses. Looks like Kate Spade knows the idea behind a girl’s ideal spring. That and classic women’s brand had the brains of style guru Brad Goreski on their side.

Once again, star of It’s a Brad, Brad World and extremely gifted celeb stylist Brad Goreski has partnered with Kate Spade to style their New York Fashion Week presentation. We caught up with Brad and Kate Spade Creative Director Deborah Lloyd at the travel-themed Spring 2014 collection. Curious about the new looks? Keep reading!


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OK! Magazine: You worked together last season, you’re working together again! Are you excited to be back?

Deborah Lloyd: We keep working together!

Brad Goreski: I’m still here! It’s great. Deborah and I have been working together for over two years, and it’s a pleasure. It’s great to know that when I come in, we’re going to try to challenge ourselves to present something new. It’s fun. It’s really, really fun.

OK!: How would you describe the theme of the collection?

DL: Last year, we were in Paris, where it all started 20 years ago. This time, I wanted our girls to travel, to be inspired, to get our in the world—even if she’s sitting at her desk dreaming of going places. We want to give them the opportunity to go there.

OK!: What was your favorite piece of the collection or outfit? Do you have a favorite style?

BG: I am liking all of the more casual looks this season. I like that we’re also showing how the Kate Spade girl can dress during the day. She can go for coffee, to a job interview, to a lunch, or to a party. You know, her life is very full and well-rounded. We try to give her options in every aspect of her life.

OK!: Kate Spade is such a classic brand. If you could pick a celebrity to put the collection on, who would it be? Who does it remind you of?

BG: Well, you know, Taylor Swift is a big fan of Kate Spade. I think she would look great in the black and white dress there.

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