Brow guru to the stars Joey Healy has worked on everyone from Bethenny Frankel to Kyra Sedgwick and he’s made a name for himself helping women find their ultimate arch potential. Hear who he think killed it at the Emmys and who could have used a plucking before leaving the house, plus the on-the-go product you should always carry with you, in our exclusive interview with him.


OK!: Which trends are in right now for brows?
Joey Healy: Although dark, full brows are very “in,” it’s all about adapting them to the overall current style—which is romantic and soft. By taking a brow that is already bold and well-defined and lightly brushing through it with color, your brows will become slightly more enhanced for an effortless, yet beautiful, look.

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OK!: Which trends are out?
JH: Thin brows are out and they have been for a very long time. Unlike a full, arched brow, thin brows flatten out your bone structure. This season, let natural well-groomed brows be your best accessory, but always remember when tweezing: As brows get fuller they tend to skew more youthful. Even celebs are opting for brows that are less Kim Kardashian and more Cara Delevigne. Although thin, over-worked brows were once perceived as feminine, brows today are moving towards a more masculine look, but in a flattering way!


OK!: What’s the #1 brow tool you should always carry in your clutch for emergency touch-ups?
JH: Transparent setting gel. Just like a finishing spray, a non-crunchy clear gel will keep your brows in place all day and night. Plus, a clear gel set can be used by both men and women, which is perfect for red-carpet couples!

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OK!: Who had the best brows at the Emmy Awards?
JH: Sarah Hyland and Michelle Dockery.


Sarah Hyland
This Modern Family starlet took the red carpet by storm! With her hair pulled back in a chic ponytail, Sarah’s bold brows were the center of attention. Not only were her arches well-defined, they also had the perfect amount of color, making them on point to match her warm brunette hair. Sarah’s brow also balanced her burgundy lip, giving her a look that was elegant, young, and fresh.
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Michelle Dockery
Known for her aristocratic role on Downton Abbey, Michelle arrived at the Emmys looking like Hollywood royalty. Her brow was well defined with a dramatic high arch that really enhanced her eyes—they looked absolutely fierce.
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OK!: Whose brows could have used some help before hitting the red carpet? JH: Sofia Vergara’s. While normally a veteran eyebrow superstar, Sofia’s brows appeared overpowering and neglected at last night’s Emmys. Unlike her standard to-die-for arches, Sofia’s red-carpet brows add weight to her eyes as they appear too close together, and lack a visible arch and tail. Although her makeup is finished to pinpoint precision, her brows simply do not match.
Fix the Look:
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