A nighttime beauty routine that consists of slabbing on 13 layers of cream onto my face will never give me fairytale dreams. When I lay my head on my fluffy pillow, I want to actually feel like floating on cloud nine’s downy consistency is possible.

So if you’re in the market for some products to use in the p.m. that DON’T leave your skin feeling coated with chemicals, I have a few suggestions for you from one of my new favorites, Sarah McNamara Beauty New York.

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The company, founded by one of the most delightful women you’ll ever come into contact with, provides simplistic approaches to the beauty regimes we’re constantly seeking when we open a magazine, type in that URL, or even browse the drugstore beauty aisle.

Night Cream Open

I have been a nighttime eye cream user for a while now, but recently tried out a dose of Miracle Skin Transformer Triple Active Night Cream during my bedtime routine. With ingredients from sunflowers used in the formula, the product completely hydrates dry skin and leaves it smooth to the touch. Waking up to put on makeup is easier because it glides right on.

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Another treasure is the Treat & Conceal, a concealer of sorts that covers lines, dark spots, and includes white rose for soothing purposes.


Feeling better about your skin really does transform your mood.

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