This is not a charming quality, but I'm one of those New Yorkers who has earbuds in at all times. Do I need to hear sirens? Other people's conversations on the subway? Birds chirping? No, I block it all out. Unless I'm talking to you directly, I probably have the standard Apple earbuds lodged solidly in my head.

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It's the lodging that has started to concern me. With the freaky weather this spring, the static in the air keeps creating little static charges in my earbuds. Is this sizzling my brain, or what?

Pressed with the desire to keep my brain intact and give myself a little street cred, I checked out Monster's newest headphones, Monster DNA White Tuxedo. Monster is the company behind Beats by Dre headphones, so they know what is up.

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The DNA White Tuxedo pair was sleek, white, and uniquely triangular. The shape was everything to me: eye-catching, chic, and most importantly, different from the ubiquitous oversized retro ones you so frequently see on the street of New York. Step back, hipsters.

As for the sound—you will hear tiny little aspects of your beloved songs that you never noticed before. I noticed guitar backing on rap songs. I noticed singers exhaling. The best part, though, is the noise cancelling. The velvety soft cushions didn't push on my ears and forced coworkers to grab me by the shoulders if they needed my attention. Success!

Where to buy: Monster DNA White Tuxedo Headphones, $199, are available at and at Apple stores worldwide.

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