Let me be honest—I HATE traveling. Well, that's false, what I mean is packing/getting to a destination. Once there, I can party like no one's business and I tend to think long and hard about even returning, especially if I'm somewhere tropical.

How to Vacation Like a Star in NYC

Because of my aversion to packing, I'm always be on the lookout for products that make my life easier (and luggage lighter) and travel-friendly towelettes are the number #1 thing I never jet-set without. Basically because they have unlimited uses. Here are a few of them:

  • You can remover your makeup, duh.
  • They're super-refreshing to apply after a long car ride, flight, bus trip; you get the idea.
  • They can clean up sparkly eye shadow spillage on a makeup counter in a pinch.
  • They smell amazing—especially the Yes to Grapefruit ones (that also help brighten  your skin—bonus!).
  • They're cheaper than a day at the spa. Koh Gen Do makes a mineral-rich cloth infused with cleansing spa water—the next best thing obvi.
  • Wipes are a lot easier to pack than a massive bottle of cleanser.
  • Simple's cloths help control shine, which is essential in the summerGIRLS star Allison Williams is a fan!
  • Did that exaggerated cat-eye get a little too, um, exaggerated? Remove part of the line with a wipe corner without sacrificing the whole job.

How to Vacation Like a Star in Miami

Where to Buy:

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths, $39 for 3 10-packs, sephora.com

Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes, $6, Target stores

Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes, $6, drugstores

What's your fave brand of makeup remover wipes? Tell me in the comments or tweet me @KelliAcciardo!

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