Rihanna is producing a new show and is calling in the trendiest, most fashionable artists to be a part of it. And Pharrell Williams obviously made the iconic singer/songwriter's list. The new show, Styled to Rock, is a fashion competition series that is set to debut on the Style Network. Rihanna would know about the clothing biz, right? She is forever switchin' up her look. But the show isn't your average runway gig—it's got a bit of a musical element to it. The designers will be creating their gems with a talented artist in mind. Just think back to all those moments where you wished you could design The Backstreet Boys' next stage outfits and turn it into cable programming. Hello! This is a winner. 

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So how's Pharrell involved? He'll be a mentor to the cast members of the show. He's got a resume packed with experiences that the lucky contestants will most definitely benefit from. With all these cute and stylish mentors showing up on TV, (yes, we're talking about Adam Levine) clearly the next step is to make a show just about these mentors. Having them all in the same room would be fantastic. 

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