Last night on the BET Awards red carpet, Nicki Minaj went the simple style route with a blonde bob and a little black dress. But how does a star like Nicki get dressed for a big Hollywood night out? What’s the process like?

“Normally, I do my makeup first, and then my outfit, and then I decide my hair,” the rapper, who took home the BET award for Female Hip Hop Artist, tells me. “It’s weird. Sometimes I’ll know exactly what hair I’m going to do, and what dress I’m going to wear, and then we’ll work on makeup around that.”

And speaking of outfits, Nicki tells me she’s been on a dress craze lately. “I’ve been finding so many nice, new dress shapes and styles that I love,” she says.

As for how her style has changed over the years?

“I went from a hard, regular chick in Southside Jamaica, Queens, to more of a harajuku, Japanese girl, and I‘ve grown into a more sexy, R&B, glam type. Now I am more high-fashion, toned down, natural, playful.”

But let’s discuss the hair again. Nicki’s rocked every hairdo from pink wigs to curly fros, but it seems like the blonde bob might be here to stay. Ryan Seacrest, Nicki’s former American Idol co-star, said “I’ve said to her ‘I love the straight blonde, you’ve got to keep that. She did!”

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