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I’m definitely a girl who knows and wears what “works” for me, but as a fashion stylist, I’m all about trying a trend at least once. Some trends fade, but others stick around and become a seasoned wardrobe staple. The “pajama pant” is one of those trends.

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At first glance, it appears to be just a spring and summer trend, but once I saw the PJ pant on the red carpet and in designers’ collections as a “season-less” item, I knew it was time to get on board. The key is to layer and pair your pants with items that compliment either other. This can be done with color and mix-media fabrics. Cozy cardigans, leather jackets, or utilitarian blouses are all great pairing options.

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Below are a few savvy ways to incorporate the PJ pant into your wardrobe.

  • When selecting a PJ pant, use the 360 degree approach! Take some time in the fitting room and use the mirror to your advantage. See how it looks from front, side, and, most importantly, the derriere view. You don’t want a pant to give you camel-toe or a bad butt-lift.
  • Style your look in confidence. Find a flattering way to incorporate classic and trendy items into your lifestyle and personality. FYI—the Harem Pant is similar and sometimes identical in style, except for the narrow or tapered fit towards the ankle.
  • Sometime going a size up to get the billowing effect and then visiting your neighborhood tailor after for a little “nip and tuck” guarantees fit perfection!
  • When selecting the pant, be sure to camouflage your trouble areas by raw attention to your narrowest part. This can be done with seaming or a belt. Some of them may have an elastic or a drawstring component, which gives you an instant cinch to your waist.

Take a peek! I have selected six PJ pant styles that push your style envelope a bit and others that are super chic and minimalistic. Send me pics of your fashionable selections with the hashtags, #PJParty and #TheCurveReport

See you next Friday my Curvinistas! Or in a fitting room near YOU!


1. Atari Baby Slouch Pants, $120

2. Exclusive CURVE Pant in Blue, $59.07

3. Floral Palazzo Pants, $44

 4. Army Harem Pant, $68 

5. Print Pajama Pant, $32 

6. Daisy Pleat Trousers, $72.53

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Chain Print Soft Pant, $40

The Perfect Shirt in Black, $45 

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