Wanna visit the City That Never Sleeps? You’re gonna have to take your head off your pillow and do some homework! Luckily, the ladies of the City Girl Diaries have some tips and tricks to make the journey through the Big Apple a tad easier. Think, it’s waaaay better than staring at a map all day, right?


OKMagazine.com has an amazing one-day contest kicking off today on Instagram. If you’re the lucky pick, you could win a bunch of fabulous treasures like a makeover, a moto jacket, and more.

While you’re brainstorming your entry ideas, pick up a few of these essential city tips brought to you by the gals of the new reality TV show.

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Leigh Rossini:

  • Make room in your wallet for a metrocard! Leigh explains that this is a great way to eliminate being stuck in the crazy traffic.
  • Pack your flats! So we all love high heels, but Leigh thinks that swollen feet is not a cute look, so toss them in your bag!

Kelly Brady:

  • Rain, rain go away! Kelly says that it’s important to carry an umbrella, and we would definitely agree with that.
  • Think one cell phone is enough? Nope! Kelly thinks you should have an iPhone and a Blackberry. She uses a Blackberry for her emails.

Raina Seitel:

  • Think you can stroll down the sidewalks at a leisurely pace? Raina says that you should walk a little faster to reduce the frustration of others.
  • Be confident! The cast members says you should celebrate who you are.

Leila Shams:

  • Leila thinks that working hard is obviously a must. We would agree with that!
  • Celebs are real people like you and me, right? Leila thinks that you shouldn’t be scared of them.

Marianne Garvey:

  • Get stylish! Marianne explains that you don’t have to empty your bank account to purchase insanely expensive clothes, but you should know how to get a professional look and make it work for you.
  • Hop on the subway! The star says it’s a fast way to get around the big city.

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