12 Things We Learned from Last Night's 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'

Man, what is the deal with the gym? It's replacing northern NJ restaurants as the main place where the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey decides to throw liquid and throw down. Here are some things we learned from this week's episode.
They're still arguing over when Melissa visited the Giudice patriarch.

The Gorgas and Giudices are literally fighting about basic arithmetic. Melissa says it took her two days to visit her father-in-law. Teresa says it took four days. He entered the hospital on a Sunday and she visited on Wednesday, which would make it three days, folks. There, all done.

The Manzo brothers are opening the most New Jersey restaurant ever.

The NJ family is opening an NJ-themed restaurant in Hoboken, NJ. You basically have to show proof of residency before you enter the establishment.

Joe Gorga reminds Melissa Gorga of her father.

Mmm, I don't know if that's the best thing, since they didn't have a great relationship.

Having a puppy around makes it easier to work out.

I mean, I would think so. Jacqueline put the pedal to the metal with a trainer at her home while her adorable little pup watched from a treadmill.

Melissa is working on a book.

It'll be advice for a successful marriage (as Joe reminds viewers, it's all about "respect and sex"). Teresa mocks the concept, and then Melissa's outfit choices, too. There are enough book deals for everyone!

Victoria and Richie are growing right up.

The Wakile daughter turned 19 this episode, while her dad reached 49. This made mama Kathy get sweetly nostalgic.

Caroline Manzo is actually the brains behind everything.

Chris Manzo admits in the episode that he values his mother's opinion for his restaurant because she's really the brains behind the Brownstone. Um, this came as no grand conclusion. Caroline is the brains behind most successful things. She'll probably be Chris Christie's campaign manager in 2016.

Victoria gives great speeches.

What teenager wants to share her birthday party with her dad? Unlike some of the other Housewives kids, Victoria Wakile seems like a gracious, lovely young woman. Her speech about her dad being the first man she ever loved was very cute.

You always want Rosie on your side.

Having a bad day? Call Rosie. Boyfriend cheat on you? Call Rosie. She's the one who will defend you, build you up, and help you steal a car if need be (literally, as we saw last week).

Teresa and my mom are the only person using "twittered" instead of tweet.

When it comes to the verb, that is. This episode also served as an excellent reminder to follow the ladies on Twitter, since apparently that's where all the drama goes down.

Seriously, the gym is so scary.

Well, Twitter and the gym. This week, yet another fight was brought on by two of the cast members being at the same gym at the same time. This time around, it was Teresa and her brother Joe.

It's okay if your husband calls you the C word, as long as it's behind your back.

We got a real solid peek into what constitutes acceptable name-calling in marriages in this episode. Teresa explained away the fact that her husb called her the worst name you can call a woman, saying that it was fine because it wasn't to her face. Sure.

What did you think of this week's episode? Have you declared a side in the ongoing Gorga-Giudice battle? Who do you think came out on top this week? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.


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