Amber Portwood Reveals How Daughter Leah Is Dealing With Matt Baier Split

‘She just wants me to happy,' the 'Teen Mom OG' star explained.

Amber Portwood’s relationship with Matt Baier is finally coming to an end on this season of Teen Mom OG. In a sneak peek clip from next week’s episode, a producer asked Amber if she told her daughter Leah what’s going on with Matt, and if she’s worried about how the breakup will affect her.

Gary [Shirley] (Leah’s dad) already talked to her about how me and Matt are just going through issues right now,” Amber explained, adding that she and Matt “ are not engaged.” “I feel like he’s a pathological liar,” she said.

When her brother Shawn asked why Amber didn’t believe her family when they warned her about Matt, she replied, “Because people have to figure it out for themselves.”

Amber admitted she was “scared” about Leah’s reaction at first. “[Leah] does say I love you to him and I never told her to do that,” Amber revealed.

But Amber said she thinks her daughter will be fine in the end. “I think with my daughter, she just wants me to be happy, and she I think just wants her mom,” Amber said.

Since their split, Amber has moved on with new boyfriend Andrew Glennon, with whom she’s expecting her second child. Matt, meanwhile, wasted no time in tying the knot with someone new! He wed Jennifer Conlon in Las Vegas on November 27.

Watch the clip above for more! Teen Mom airs Mondays at 9pm EST on MTV.

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