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Are Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Back Together?

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been spending a lot of time together lately, and according to a report, they’re working on getting their relationship back on track!

“Mariah and Nick are getting along great,” a source told People. “Nick spends most of his time with Mariah and the kids. Mariah is great with Nick around. There seems to be hope that they will get back together permanently.”

After a long separation, Nick and Mariah officially divorced in 2016, and have each dated other people since then. Mariah was engaged to James Packer, and then began dating her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka before breakup up with him in April. Nick recently had a son with former Miss Arizona Brittany Bell. Nonetheless, the former spouses have found their way back to one another.

Still, another source insists that the pair is simply co-parenting.

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