Marriage Boot Camp Exclusive Preview: Watch Aviva And Natalie's Friendly Food Fight Become a Cat Fight In Six Seconds Flat

Only on a reality show does a food fight turn into a cat fight! On tonight’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, a simple exercise where the couples are tasked with feeding each other turns into a heated argument between Natalie Nunn and Aviva Drescher. Natalie first accuses Aviva and her husband Reid of “half-assing” their challenges and cheating by hiding some of the uneaten food under a napkin, to which Aviva retaliates by saying, “It’s really not fair. Because I eat less than, for example, Natalie.”

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Natalie is not happy, rightfully so, and then, what might be the show’s first ever food fight ensues. Oh man! Watch the clip above to see it all go down, and tune into an all new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars tonight at 9pm on We TV.

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