'Grocery Store Joe' Is Back! See His Return On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Becca Kufrin sent her former suitor home on night one of 'The Bachelorette.'

Grocery Store Joe,” aka Joe Amibale, is back!

After being dumped by Becca Kufrin in her first rose ceremony as The Bachelorette, Joe is hoping to redeem himself on Bachelor in Paradise, season five of which premieres tonight on ABC.

Joe spoke with Bachelor host Chris Harrison about his brief interaction with Becca, who let Joe go after worrying he wouldn’t “ever get past the cameras.”

“I was [ready to find love], and I am now because honestly — after the first episode — I never thought I’d have a girlfriend again because I’m, like, ‘This is pretty bad,’” he recalled of their initial meeting. As Bachelorette viewers will remember, Joe stepped out of the limo and told Becca, “I’m Joe, and I forgot everything I was going to say to you.”

Despite his less-than-stellar introduction, fans on Twitter cheered for Joe and had the hashtag #justiceforjoe trending that same night. Some even wanted him to be the next Bachelor.

Joe admitted he hopes to last more than one night on BIP! “I really hope I don’t get sent home right away again,” he said. “I think I’ll at least last a day.”

Bachelor in Paradise season 5 premieres tonight at 8pm ET on ABC.

Do you think Joe will have better luck on Bachelor in Paradise? Sound off in the comments below!

Sound off in the comments below!

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