WATCH: Beyoncé Smiles And Looks Happy While Showing Off New Hairdo In New York City

​She and her Met Gala ponytail may have broken the internet a week ago, but Queen Bey is now back to business as she enjoys her time in New York City!

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Beyoncé was spotted leaving her Midtown office on Friday evening, sending a crowd of fans and photogs into hysterics as she made her way to her waiting vehicle. Rocking a longer new do and one fierce outfit, the singer was all smiles as she wrapped her busy week in the Big Apple!

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But she appeared to be in no particular rush to leave work as she sauntered leisurely to her car as her trusty bodyguard, Julius de Boer, cleared her path! And Bey even smiled pleasantly at a photog when he asked her how her day had been. What a sweetheart!

Watch Beyoncé leave her New York City office in the video above!

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