'Drinking Silicone!'

Coco Austin SLAMMED For Breastfeeding 15-Month-Old Daughter — Mom Admits Child 'Wants The Bottle'

Coco Austin is not ready to give up on breastfeeding her daughter Chanel

The first time mom took to Snapchat, sharing a video of her snuggling with the little. “The main question I get from women is if I still breastfeed and the answer is yes,” Coco said. “She’s 15 months and still going strong.” 

But not everyone thinks that Coco’s breastfeeding is such a great thing, citing Coco’s breast implants and ‘silicone milk.’ And while mommy definitely enjoys breastfeeding, she revealed months ago to E! that Chanel has actually gotten fed up with the boobie. “[She] wants the bottle more,” Coco confessed. “[That] hurt my feelings.”

Still she hasn’t let that stop her from breastfeeding. “I’m doing whatever I can because now, she’s growing, so she needs more milk … so I have to go from breastfeeding to formula, breastfeeding to formula, but I wish she would want a little more of me.”

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