Cringe! Watch Newsreader Suffer Very Inappropriate Fit Of Giggles While Reading Tragic News Stories

We’ve all suffered from a fit of the giggles at one time or another—but, likely not while on live TV.

Making the situation worse, poor Natasha Exelby was bang smack in the middle of reading some very tragic news stories when her laughing fit started—and has the cringe-worthy video!

Exelby, who is a newsreader for CHANNEL Ten in Australia,  was struck with the giggles as she reported on the deadly riots in Brazil and a building collapse in India in which five children died.

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As photos were shown of rescuers carrying the children’s bodies out on stretchers from the rubble Exelby was unable to contain her bubbling laughter which spilled over during the report into audible giggles.

The mortified journalist later apologized to viewers.

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“I just wanted to apologize I got a case of the giggles a little bit earlier while reading some very serious news and if I have offended anyone I am sincerely sorry,” she said.

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