Day 8 of Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Bathroom Door Shown In Court

If any day of a murder trial can be counted as a “good day”, today would be it for Oscar Pistorius. A few updates from Day 8 of the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial:

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1. The bathroom door that Pistorius whacked his way through on Valentine’s Day 2013, the day he shot and killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, was shown in court. Also produced was the cricket bat used to knock down the door. The prosecution called a forensic expert to the stand to prove that evidence showed the defendant must have been low down, on his “stumps”, when breaking through. On cross-examination however, the defense seemed to prove that the damage could’ve been done while Pistorius was standing on his prosthetic legs. This is important to note because it aligns with Pistorius’ side of the story.

2. The defense also was able to get the witness to concede that parts of the damaged door (potentially important evidence) was missing.

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3. Pistorius seemed relaxed in court today—a harsh difference to earlier in the week, when he became physically ill when listening to the details of Steenkamp’s autopsy.

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