Did Justin Bieber Pull a Bratty Move to Get Kicked Out of an Indoor Skydiving Facility? Find Out Here!

Can you imagine if the Biebs uploaded an Insta. snapshot just for you? That thing would get like, millions and millions of likes! Well, a picture upload and shoutout is what a Las Vegas indoor skydiving was reportedly hoping for, but the promise apparently wasn't fulfilled by the pop singing sensation. Instead of paying for the thrilling experience, (Justin apparently showed up right before the place was going to close shop for the day) the facility says the star said he would give them a bit of publicity with an Instagram mention. 

Apparently that never happened, and the facility is banning him from for life! Maybe he forgot to upload the Instagram picture…or maybe he didn't! Could this be a snobby skydiving situation? Watch the video to find out more! 

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