Get a Sneak Peek of Jake Steinfeld's Awesome No Expectations Show!

You know him as “Body By Jake” and the trainer to the stars like Harrison Ford, Bette Midler, and Steven Spielberg. Now, Jake Steinfeld is heading to the Las Vegas strip for his hilarious one-man show, No Expectations. Part stand-up comedy, part inspirational speech, Jake has more than a few funny stories under his belt!

No Expectations is coming to with an exclusive premiere showing on Sunday night, December 8th.

In his show, Jake tells his tales about childhood as a fat Jewish kid from Long Island with a terrible stutter. He also shares “Laugh Out Loud” stories of how he discovered weightlifting and what happened when he told his disapproving parents about his plans to be a bodybuilder! Wildly funny anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories about Jake’s life in Hollywood and his path to becoming a fitness icon make this show a definite must-see.

And you won’t believe what happened when he appeared live on stage with the Village People! Check it out right here! Make sure to catch No Expectations on, Sunday night December 8th. 

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