Grace Did What!?

Grace Claims She Didn’t Kill Molly In Secret Video Statement From Her Hospital Room — Watch The Shocking ‘Guilt’ Clip!

Grace lets the public know her thoughts on Molly’s case!

Grace offers her side of the drama surrounding Molly’s murder and the claims that she was responsible in a clip from the July 11 episode of Guilt!

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Grace decides to once again claim her innocence in Molly’s murder in a surprise video message from her hospital room! Speaking on the tragedy, Grace lets her viewers know that she understands their suspicion over her possible role in the incident.

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And she goes on to reveal a handful of major secrets about herself, admitting that she has made some serious slip-ups in life. But when it comes to the death of Molly, Grace stresses that she had nothing to do with her friend’s killing!

Watch Grace address the questions about her possible role in Molly’s death in the video above!

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You can catch the latest episode of Guilt on Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform!

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