Gwen Stefani Looks Like She's In SERIOUS PAIN After Rupturing Her Eardrum

Just the look on Gwen Stefani‘s face in these new photos is painful enough! The singer appeared to be in quite a bit of pain Thursday afternoon following news that she ruptured her eardrum. Photogs captured images of Stefani while meeting her gal pals for lunch at Marco’s in Los Angeles, and she did NOT look happy, or healthy!

Gwen Stefani Cancels Concert

As a result of the health crisis, Gwen was forced to cancel her Las Vegas concert on Thursday. Upon doctors advice she was unable to fly from LA to Vegas. The rupture was said to have happened during a flight on Tuesday. Soon after, she was then admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

“I am so sorry that I cannot attend tonight, But I wanted to send a message of congratulations to Andre Agassi and my dear friend Ronald Pearlman,” she said in a video to her fans, apologizing for missing the event.

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