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You'll Never Guess Which A-List Hottie Jenna Dewan Tatum Used To Date

Channing's wife spilled the beans to Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

Hint: Jenna Dewan‘s ex boyfriend definitely brought sexy back.

On last night’s revealing Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen episode, Jenna admitted that she used to date — yup, you guessed it — Justin Timberlake. Channing Tatum‘s wife revealed to Andy that she and Justin briefly dated while she was a backup dancer in his crew.

“We were, like, friends that then dated and we’re just really good friends now,” the 36-year-old mom dished. And when Andy asked if she was the singer’s rebound girlfriend, she quickly insisted, “No, I was not the rebound! I was very clear not to be.”

Jenna continued, “Of course he’s sexy. But no, no I was not a rebound. We’re still good friends. It’s not as salacious as everyone thinks.” We hear ya, Jen!

The Step Up actress even cleared the air about the alleged dance-off between Justin and Britney Spears that was documented in the Lifetime flick Britney Ever After. “Okay, so this dance-off situation is… it never happened, people! It was in tabloids and everyone thought that this happened. And I really wish I could say that that happened because that would be the coolest story in the world. It would be so awesome. I wish I could say that but no, it never happened.”


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