Prepare To Squirm

You HAVE To See Josh & Anna Duggar's CRINGEWORTHY Wedding Message To Joseph & Kendra

The disgraced reality star is all kinds of awkward in this bizarre video.

Get ready to cringe!

Josh and Anna Duggar’s congratulatory message to newlyweds Joseph and Kendra is a must-see for all the wrong reasons.

To congratulate Joe and Kendra on tying the knot, the Counting On star’s disgraced brother and expectant wife made a video wishing him and his new wife well.

However, Josh and Anna’s video was full of awkward moments rather than cute ones, as the former 19 & Counting star seemed to put his foot in his mouth more than once and he and Anna engaged in some quite uncomfortable eye-gazing.

To see Josh and Anna’s awkward message for yourself, click the video above!

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