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Josiah Duggar Says The Family's Show Is SO FAKE & You'll Be Shocked To See Why


Say it ain’t so! While talking about how Counting On has changed the Duggar’s everyday lives, Josiah Duggar seemed to let it slip that the family’s show isn’t as real as fans have been led to believe.

“The show has changed the way we live…We walk through a door, and [then] we have to walk through it again’ [because] we didn’t do it [right] the first time,” he confessed.

He then seemingly tried to cover up his reshooting confession by adding, “Life is normal, life has gone on as normal, except we have a great home video we get to look back at.”

Also being interviewed was Joseph Duggar, who, unlike his younger brother, managed to stay right on script, as he simply talked about what fans don’t get the chance to see when the cameras aren’t rolling, and his favorite Counting On moments.

To see the full interview, click the video above!

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