Josiah Duggar Tells All About His Romantic Proposal To Lauren Swanson

‘It just came up on [me], like she is the one, this is it.’

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are definitely still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship.

The couple, who announced their engagement on March 5th, looked over the moon about as they discussed the next journey of their lives together in a recently released TLCMe video.

After getting his family’s approval, Josiah explained that he put in a lot of work to make his proposal to his future wife a success.

“Definitely had a lot of help from a lot of different siblings when it [came] to doing the surprise,” he admitted.

The soon-to-be groom also dished about the couple’s love story.

“All the time that I’ve gotten to spend with Lauren, just growing up over the years, I really came to this point [where] I just realized she, is, the, one,” he gushed. “It just came up on [me], like she is the one, this is it.”

He added: “I could just tell that we worked really good together, we served together, and just [knew] she [was] the one.

To see what Lauren had to say about their engagement, click the video above!

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