Joy Bauer Reveals The 3 Snacks You Should Have With You At all Times

Great news: you no longer have to feel guilty about snacking! Actually, that’s excellent news. We got the Today Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer to give us the 3 definitive snacks you should have in your bag or in your desk drawer at all times, so you can happily snack away.

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Check out the video above to find out what she revealed when we caught up with her at La Cuisine in NYC. Plus, Joy also shared a recipe for a chocolate pudding that is astonishingly healthy, easy to make and will totally curb any of your sweet tooth cravings. She also talks about the snacks she is proud her kids like and the fun way they eat them, as well as her snack idea that people are always raving about.

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Anything that Joy’s saying, we’re eating it up…literally. Did you know she’s the founder of Nourish Snacks? It’s a subscription snack service that will send tasty, healthy treats to your home or office every week! Go to to learn more and sign up now.

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