Inside The Hilarious Tale Of How Matthew Rhys First Drunkenly Asked Out Keri Russell

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell may be blissfully in love now, but their romance wasn’t always a sure thing!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Matthew revealed he first asked out his girlfriend (and mother of their 11-month-old son, Sam) 16 years ago — while drunk and in a parking lot.

“I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing, so I sort of knew then when I was 26,” Matthew shared.

The two had both attended a kickball party, and Keri caught the eye of Matthew when she asked him to open a beer for her after the game.

Years later, the two reconnected during readings for their new show, The Americans, but Keri didn’t remember their previous “meet-cute.”

“You said, ‘Oh, you know we’ve met before,'” Keri explained. “I said, ‘No we haven’t,’ and you said, ‘Yeah, we’ve met before, like 10 years ago at kickball.’ As soon as he said that, I knew exactly what [happened] and I opened my eyes, like, ‘Oh! Of course I remember that.'”

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