WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Community Service In NYC As She Scrambles To Finish All 125 Hours

We expect to be seeing a lot more photos in the coming days of Lindsay Lohan doing community service, because her time is running out! The actress is supposed to finish a rumored 125 hours worth of court-ordered community service by next Thursday, May 28 and though she started the work on May 11, she is reportedly in danger of not coming close to hitting her quota.  We guess we know how she’ll be spending her Memorial Day Weekend…

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Her NYC Apartment

However, Lilo seems to be making the best of it, as she’s been sharing photos on Instagram all week of her volunteer work around NYC. But just yesterday, the paparazzi were the ones documenting the experience as they caught her leaving community service and arriving back at her home in SoHo. Linds is probably one of few people who gets picked up and dropped off from community service in a private black towncar, just sayin’…

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Watch the video above to see Lilo after community service. Do you think she’ll complete her hours in time or end up serving jail time? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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