Love Weddings? Then You Have to See Kelly Clarkson's New Video for "Tie It Up"!

The new video for the Kelly Clarkson song “Tie It Up” is out!

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The singer bounces up and down as images of couples and wedding parties flash on the screen in this cheery video that is sure to become a new wedding reception favorite. Especially because it has fun lyrics like these:

Let’s set the date
Let’s hire the band
Let’s cut the cake
Tie up the cans

When Kelly first publicly performed the song, which has a country sound and is based on her upcoming nuptials to talent manager (and Reba McEntire’s stepson) Brandon Blackstock, she got so nervous she misplaced something very special.

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“I’m secretly freaking out right now about where my ring is,” Kelly told the audience at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, this past June. “I know Brandon is having a heart attack. Sorry baby, I love you! I got nervous about tonight so I probably took it off while doing something.”

Luckily, Kelly later found the ring and the show will go on!

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