Marriage Boot Camp Exclusive Preview: Heidi Montag Finds Out If Spencer Ever Wants To Have Kids

Remember in the first episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars when all the couples took a lie detector test? Each was asked a game-changer question that would either strengthen or completely destroy their relationship. And it comes full circle on tonight’s episode, when the couples find out the answers to the game-changer questions their significant others answered—well, at least they try to find out.

OK! Exclusive: Heidi Pratt Reveals She Wants As Many Kids As The Duggars

In this exclusive clip from episode 4, Heidi Pratt peeks at her husband Spencer’s game-changer box, which has the answer to the question of “Do you want to have children with me?” The answer was supposed to be kept a surprise until the last day in the house, but we all know Heidi doesn’t exactly play by the rules…

Watch the clip above—Reid is determined to open Aviva’s game-changer box, too—and tune into MBC: Reality Stars tonight at 9pm on We TV!

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