Love Triangles & Bed Wetting: Here's What Went Down On ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Episode 1

In 2012, Jersey Shore came to an end after five memorable seasons. Now, five years later, MTV is finally filling the void left behind with their new show MTV Floribama Shore.

Like JS, this new series follows eight 20-somethings as they drink, hook up, and party, all while living in the same beach house. But unlike the JS, MTV Floribama Shore takes place in Panama City Beach, Florida, also known as “PCB.” Or as one housemate calls it, the city with “the hottest clubs this side of the Mason Dixon.”

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And if episode one is any indication, MTV Floribama Shore will be just as drunkenly entertaining as the Shore that came before it. (It is produced by Sallyann Salsano’s 495 Productions, the same team that created the Jersey Shore, after all.)

In last night’s premiere episode, first impressions were made and sparks flew as the eight roommates moved into their new MTV crib, complete with a backyard pool and ocean views.

First to arrive were Nilsa Anderson — who’s 23 and divorced — and Kortni Gilson — who’s 21 and never lived outside of her parents’ house. “I wanna grow up a little bit,” she says. (She will later pee her roommate’s bed, but we’ll get to that.)

Next to show is Jeremiah Buoni, a 22-year-old former homeschooler whose biceps suggest he’s never missed a day at the gym.

“You’re cute,” Nilsa tells him as she shakes his hand. “Takes someone cute to know someone cute,” Jeremiah replies.

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Oh snap, we do have a situation.

Next, Aimee Hall arrives, an Alabama girl who brings her own fishing pole and bulk supply of ramen noodles. The 24-year-old reveals that she just got out of a 10-year relationship after her ex cheated on her — with her cousin. “That’s normal in Alabama anyways,” she assures the camera in the confessional.

The rest of the roommates slowly trickle in, including Gus Smyrnios, Codi Butt, Kirk Medas, and Candace Rice.

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To break the ice, the roommates decide to — what else? — drink. Kortni takes things to another level and switches to shots.

“By 10:00, you’re not even gonna be standing,” Gus warns her.

Sure enough, when the group is ready to leave for their first night out in PCB, Kortni is already passed out asleep in bed.

“Here’s the thing about first impressions: you only get one chance to give one,” Gus says.

The roommates decide to leave Kortni at home while they head to the PCB bar Ms. Newby’s, where Gus sets his sights on Nilsa, and the two hit it off on the dance floor.

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“I think every guy in this house is feeling Nilsa but I have the best chance, for sure,” he says. “Because I got this Southern charm, this smile and this little country accent…that’s all I need.”

But the second Nilsa leaves Gus to get a drink, he ditches her for a new girl. “He’s already twerking on her like a dog twerking on a fire hydrant,” Nilsa vents.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the camera catches Kortni as she gets up from her bed, pulls down her pants, and sits on her roommate’s bed, where she proceeds to pee as if sitting on a toilet. Yes, she pees on the bed, and then she lies down in it.

floribama shore
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When the roommates return home, Candace discovers Kortni has peed in her bed. “What was the point of peeing in my bed? Hashtag why?” she asks the cameras.

The next day, Kortni can’t remember anything. “I was blacked the hell out last night,” she admits.

The roommates decide to shake off the night before with a barbecue, where they each go around the table and say why they’re in PCB for the summer.

Things suddenly get unexpectedly deep when Nilsa reveals she and her husband divorced because he cheated on her — after she had a miscarriage. “The guy I married just turned out to be not who I thought he was,” she cries to her roommates.

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“I think in a way we’re all going through something and we’re all gonna help each other through these dark places that we’re in and finally get a chance to break away and heal with each other,” Nilsa says in the confessional.

After her dramatic tale, Gus decides it’s a good time to ask Nilsa out on a date. She agrees, and the two head to a fancy restaurant later that evening.

At the dinner, Gus, amid much self-flattery, casually mentions that Jeremiah is “intrigued” by Kortni and is going to ask her out. Despite being in the middle of a date with Gus, Nilsa is immediately ticked, since she has her eyes set on Jeremiah, too. “At the end of the day, if I want Jeremiah, I will have Jeremiah. Kortni’s no competition for me,” she tells the cameras.

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After Nilsa denies Gus a kiss, the two head home. “I feel like Gus thinks he can get whatever he wants, but I’m not down with that. No,” Nilsa says.

The next day, the roommates head to their first day on the job at Adventures at Sea, where Nisla immediately flirts with the male coworkers.

“Apparently Nilsa thinks she can flirt her way to the top. What a massive turnoff,” Gus says. (Their romance was short-lived.)

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Soon, it’s time for Jeremiah and Kortni’s date. While Jeremiah acknowledges Kortni is a “a tall drink of water,” he says they’re “more like bros.” He even makes her split the check.

But when the two get back to the house, Kortni, while wearing a giraffe onesie, climbs into Jeremiah’s bed, and he doesn’t argue. As the two snuggle up for the night, Nilsa creepily crawls to Jeremiah’s room and pokes her head in the door, where she spies on the pair.

“If Kortni and I are feeling the same guy, there’s no competition. It’s on, b***h,” she says ominously.

Do you think Nilsa will steal Jeremiah from Kortni? Do you think she’ll give Jeremiah a second chance? Sound off in the comments below!

MTV Floribama Shore airs Mondays at 10pm ET on MTV.


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