OK! Next Big Deal: Alexander Ludwig Talks 'Grown Ups 2'

Does Alexander Ludwig look familiar to you? You may remember him standing atop the cornucopia in The Hunger Games, blood dripping into his eyes as he tries to kill Jennifer Lawrence. His career has exploded since then: This month, he appears alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in Grown Ups 2, and he was just named the Cultural Influence Director of RYU Apparel. Call it Cato’s revenge.

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OK!: What’s your role in Grown Ups 2?

Alexander Ludwig: The second movie starts with [Adam Sandler’s] family has actually moved to this cabin full time because this is where they want to raise their children. Meanwhile, David Spade gets a call from one of his exes and says ‘I never told you but we had a child together, and he really needs a father figure.’ So I get shipped off and it’s hysterical because it’s this guy who looks identical to David with the same hair and goatee, but he’s 4 feet taller.

OK!: What did you learn about comedy from working on this movie?

AL: I knew comedy was my biggest challenge that I’d have to overcome. Comedy actors are very underrated, because you have to be in the moment. Working with these guys, who are comedic legends, you has to be on your toes and spit back at whatever they threw your way.

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OK!: How did you begin working with RYU?
AL: It is the most unbelievably well-made clothes for athletic wear, and I was going crazy over it. We slowly developed this great relationship, and I started talking to the CEO and we found it’d be a great fit for both of us. I didn’t want to be just another face of a brand like most actors do. I want to have an influence not only publicly but behind the scenes.

OK!: You do a lot of sports, so what about these clothes stood out to you?

AL: I play basically every sport—I used to be a competitive freestyle skier, and I surf as much as I can, and I’ve played hockey my whole life. What I really liked about RYU wasn’t just how well the clothes were made, but what they stood for. They’re about being all you can be and respecting those around you.


OK!: What else are you working on?

AL: It’s been quite a hectic year! I just finished my last film, called When the Game Stands Tall. It’s a true story about the biggest winning streak in sports history—not just high school football, in history. And I’m about to go film my new TV show, Vikings.

OK!: What are your goals for this summer?

AL: My girlfriend and I are very into fitness, so our goal is to get into fantastic shape for Ireland, where we’re going for five months, because when Ireland comes we’re going to get really fat! We’ve always wanted to do a Tough Mudder.

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