Harsh, Harry! Watch Harry Styles Ignore Fans While Departing Jimmy Kimmel Live With One Direction

The week of Four madness continues as the guys of One Direction continue their quest for world domination. Well, tweendom domination, at least. Harry Styles and the rest of the 1D dudes dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform a few songs off their new album and take a few selfies. But right after the show, paparazzi taped Harry leaving the studio and he was completely ignoring his fans!

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That’s unlike Harry—all the guys are known for being amazing to their Directioners—so we’re just going to assume he was in a hurry to make the guys’ next appearance. Celebs have schedules to adhere to, you know!

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Watch above as Harry whisks by the fans. Do you think Harry was being mean on purpose? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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