Faux Fans

Panicked Blac Chyna Hires Fans To Save Her Fleeting Fame

‘Her tactic’s not fooling the Kardashians,’ says insider

Most celebrities pay people to keep their admirers at a distance — but leave it to Blac Chyna to do the opposite!

An insider says that Rob Kardashian’s ex is so panicked about becoming yesterday’s news that she has hired hangers-on to pose as fans.

“She has them come up ‘at random’ and ask for autographs, and she posts them on Snapchat,” says the source.

“It’s so funny, because whoever’s planning Chyna’s publicity doesn’t realize that nobody asks for signatures anymore, they just want selfies!”

Her tactic’s not fooling the Kardashians, the insider adds: “Kim says Chyna’s dreaming if she thinks she can maintain fame without the family.

The Kardashians think Chyna’s manufactured fan encounters are “hilarious,” says a source.

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