Shocking Claims!

Is There Something SERIOUSLY Wrong With Rachel Lindsay's New Bachelorette Portrait?


Say it ain’t so, ABC!

According to celebrity Photoshop expert, Alan Barry, new promo photos of the next Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, appear to have been “heavily edited,” leaving the Dallas lawyer’s skin tone shades lighter than it’s normal pigment.

“There is a certain amount of color saturation that gets washed out by the studio lighting that this was shot with. However, the photo editor has many choices of how to deal with that,” Barry told


“Her skin has been obviously lightened in post production. It is particularly apparent when looking at the the back of her right arm, which almost appears to be close to a Caucasian skin tone,” he claimed, calling the work “embarrassing.”

Rachel’s alleged skin-lightened promo poster comes just a few months after ABC announced that the attorney would be the first African-American lead in Bachelor franchise history!

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