OK! Exclusive Video: Sean Fights With Lucas Yancey For Flirting With His Ex Samantha Jabbour At Wild Pool Party In Ex-Isle Clip

The fun comes to an abrupt halt when Sean gets into a heated argument with Lucas Yancey over his ex-wife Samantha Jabbour in an exclusive clip from the Jan 8. premiere episode of Ex-Isle!

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The entire cast is all smiles as they break the ice with a wild pool party. But their laughs quickly turn to frowns and side-eyes once Sean gets angry at Yancey for being a little too hands on with Jabbour.

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And the drama quickly escalates between the two fellas as their castmates attempt to gain control of the situation!

Watch Sean and Lucas battle it out in the video above!

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You can catch the latest episode of Ex-Isle on Friday at 10 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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