VP Of Toys At Walmart Anne Marie Kehoe Praises Geena Davis For The Bentonville Film Festival

A Walmart exec explains how it all comes together.

Anne Marie Kehoe, the Vice President of Toys at Walmart took some time from enjoying all the events going on at The Bentonville Film Festival to speak exclusively with OK! about the significance of Walmart’s collaboration with the summit.

Co-founded by Academy Award winner Geena Davis, the festival was founded to promote inclusion across all forms of media.

“I’m proud of Walmart, and I’m proud of Bentonville,” says Anne. “I think this gives us a chance to showcase who we are and be a part of something bigger than us.”

As for media’s influence on diversity awareness, she explained, “Entertainment is so influential and so I I just appreciate what Geena Davis has done. I have had a chance to meet her about thinking differently regarding what we see and what’s represented in film and theater. It’s just cool that we’re doing it here, of all places it could be, and that just makes me proud.”

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