Watch a LIVE STREAM of the News in Los Angeles About the LAX Airport Shooting


If you’re wondering why “LAX,” “TSA” and other similar phrases are trending on Twitter right now, it’s not good news, guys. At 9:30 am local time, police were called to terminal 3 at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles after gun shots were fired. The actual story is still developing, but what we do know so far is that three people have been shotat least one person has been killed, that the suspect is currently in police custody. Wow. What a terrible way to start the weekend.

Watch the live stream of the video RIGHT HERE. Here’s a live update from James Franco’s Twitter in the meantime:


Watch the LIVE STREAM video RIGHT HERE which is a live broadcast of CBS News in Los Angeles, and stay tuned to Twitter all day where celebrities in Los Angeles, reporters, etc will likely be tweeting well wishes and updates on the situation as they happen. And tweet us @OKMagazine, too!

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