Watch the Best Drunk Moments at the Golden Globes Over the Years!

The Golden Globes are special for many reasons. They are the first big awards show of the year. They combine celebrations for television and movies, so the show is packed with A-listers and there isn’t a dull moment. And oh, everyone’s totally drunk.

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Watch the video above for a little montage of celebrities who were definitely feeling loose, if not literally under the influence, at Golden Globes past. There are the stars who stumble over their words, the ones who joke aloud about how drunk they are, and the guy who spits out his drink when he hears that Ben Affleck won a statue (that would be Quentin Tarantino). Just imagine the wacky hijinx that will happen this year!

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Who do you think will be sloppy drunk at this year’s Golden Globes? Did a favorite past moment of yours not make the cut above? Do you think you would imbibe if you were at the Golden Globes? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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