Wendy Williams Reveals New Health Details As She Makes Her Comeback To Television

The talk show host was diagnosed with Graves' disease last month.

Wendy Williams is heading back to the small screen after taking time off due to doctor’s orders. The popular talk show host admitted to fans last month that she found out she has Graves’ disease as well as thyroid issues, leading to her taking three weeks off to rest. On Monday, she sat down with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach and revealed new health details.

When asked about whether or not she realized her health was at risk prior to her diagnosis, Wendy said, “Really Amy it was a perfect storm that had been brewing. I have to say internally, knowing my body, since late July.”

The 53-year-old even said she missed not one or two, but three doctor’s appointments with her endocrinologist, who is the one who handles the diagnosis of thyroid complications as well as Graves’ disease.

Amy asked Wendy, “Your health was at the bottom of the list?” To which Wendy replied, “Yes, and I’m functioning okay. I’m feeling a little weird but I’ll get through it. And I went in February and that’s when I found out ‘whoa your levels are way off.’

After her doctor told her she had to take time off of work, Wendy said “I cried, and then I laughed. ‘Are you out of your mind?’ [I asked] But it turns out it was the best prescription ever, because I met a great team that gave me a full work up. I found out that I was very deficient in Vitamin D.”

She continued, “My internist told me I am the worst case of deficient Vitamin D that she’s ever seen in her career [and] I have vertigo, which I’ve had all my life. That was affecting my equilibrium and, it was just a mess going on inside my body, but I’m saved.”

Excited to get back on the air, Wendy has a new perspective these days regarding her health.

“We as women, particularly if we have families, we take care of everyone but ourselves. I’m not doing that anymore. Wendy first. If there’s one thing that I could request from my Wendy watchers, please don’t ask me how I feel. When I see you in the grocery store, when I see you in the streets, please don’t ask me how I feel because then I’m going to snap. “

So what should they say to her?

“How you doin’?” Wendy told Amy with a smile. “So I can say ‘Alright.’”

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