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Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone Sport Bold Lips and Colorful Eye Shadow Behind-the-Scenes at the Revlon Photoshoot

How do you get ready for a night out? If it’s a few coats of mascara and maybe some concealer, it sounds a lot like a routine for a Saturday afternoon at the farmers market. Lima beans and limousines are not of equal cosmetic importance, ladies. Sometimes, an evening affair deserves a bold lip and an extravagant, can’t-keep-my-eyes-off-you eye makeup palette.



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Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, two actresses that consistently wear noticeable and luxe beauty looks, are showing you how to apply for an evening out with the Evening Opulence collection from Revlon and Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman. These snapshots are from behind-the-scenes at the Revlon shoot, where Olivia and Emma were both done up with the shiny jewel-toned glosses and lavish shadows.



The collection includes nail polish priced at $5, eye shadow priced at $10, lip gloss and butter at $7.49, and an eye pencil priced at $9—all numbers that won’t make you break a 20. The collection hits stores in October, but in the meantime, we’ll enjoy soaking up the beauty inspiration from these girls.



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