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Have You Seen the Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise Video Yet?

The screaming chicks and dudes in this coffee shop weren’t freaking out over a few mice. No, it was something a bit more, shall we saw, “supernatural.” If you’ve watched TV within the past few weeks, you’ve probably sat through a Carrie commercial or two and watched while Julianne Moore witnesses her movie daughter, Chloë Grace Moretz, raise a bunch of stuff (herself included) into the air.

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Well that type of thing can happen in real life. That is, if you have a team of actors and high-tech props to help you out. A group constructed a set, complete with moving tables, chairs, books, and pictures, in a coffee shop based in the West Village of New York City. Basically, an actor bumps into an actress and knocks his coffee all over her computer. Mixed in this scene are real customers who don’t know anything about the set-up. Let’s call it candid camera? The actress gets angry and uses her “telekinetic powers” to lift him into the air and launch him against a wall.

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So what to the customers do? They freak out. Would you? Watch this viral video here and tell us what you think @OKMagazine