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Jillian Gives "Shady" Contestant Wes the Bachelorette Boot

No more roses for country singer Wes on The BacheloretteJillian Harris has finally given the fame-grubber the heave-ho, saying he was “just a little too shady.”

While fans were insistent that Wes, a country singer, was on the show for fame and not love and might even have a girlfriend already, Jillian explains why she kept handing him more chances along with those roses.

“There was a side of Wes that I saw that I thought was very endearing and the more I saw the bad side of him, the more I wanted the world to see the good side, so I kept on giving him all these chances,” she tells Extra. “I was more sad for him.”

But Jillian wasn’t totally blind, and admits she had some not-so-great feelings about him intuitively.

“Wes was just a little too shady. For me, it was always a red flag. I never knew, is he more concerned about his career? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he not even showing me any affection?” she confesses. “In the end, there were too many red flags to try and pursue that one longer.”