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Lindsey Vonn Not Competing In Winter Olympics Due To Injury: "I Did Everything I Possibly Could"

We’re sad to announce that Lindsey Vonn has pulled out of the Sochia Olympics. You’re shocked, right? Her rep confirmed the recent decision and noted, “After the incident in Val D’Isere, an MRI showed an MCL sprain, which coupled with the torn ACL, has made it impossible to stabilize her knee and be ready to safely ski again next month.”

News: Lindsey Vonn Injured After Crash At Cooper Mountain—What Does This Mean For Her Olympic Journey?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Lindsey also opened up on her Facebook page this morning to share the “devastating” news with fans:

We’re glad to see that the gold medalist is in high spirits and will still be cheering on her teammates. It’s clear that Lindsey is the true definition of an all-star athlete!

Getty Images

Getty Images

After Lindsey’s crash in November, the gold medalist explained to Today,  “I don’t think I was pushing myself too hard. It just was unfortunately a fluke accident. That’s the risk you take when you’re going 80-90 miles an hour down a mountain.” She continued by adding, “That’s just part of the job, but I’ve picked myself back up, and I’m trying as hard as I can to keep going. I’m working as hard as I can.”

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