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Red Carpet Confidential: Jewel Reveals How Her Two-Year-Old Son Gets Her Into The Holiday Spirit

It will be a magical time for Jewel and her family this holiday season.

“It’ll be our first white Christmas with our son,” The Sing-Off judge, 39, tells me Wednesday after her performances during the Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony in NYC. “We’re going to be in the Rockies. We have a little stamp to make reindeer feet with, so we’re pretty excited.”

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What does it mean for this Alaska-born singer and her retired rodeo champion hubby Ty Murray, 44, to celebrate a white Christmas with Kase, 2?

“It’s helped bring the magic of Christmas,” she says. “It’s up to the parents.  I look forward to it. I was a bit of a humbug before he came, but now I’m like ‘I’ve got to get back in the holiday spirit.’ Let’s create a mood here!”

For Jewel, Christmas is all about sentimentality as opposed to material gifts.

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“[Kase] doesn’t want anything,” she explains. “It’s sweet. We go into toy stores and he never asks for anything. He ends up making presents for our family who are really poor. I hope it’s something he can continue.”

She’s no different: Each Christmas, her husband writes her a love letter .

Would she like to have more kids?

“No plans,” she says. “I feel a little bad for him. What’s the saying? ‘You have the first kid for you, and the second kid for your first.’  But I don’t have any plans. My eggs probably are in wheelchairs at this point. I’m 39. We’ll see.”

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Jewel’s second holiday album, Let It Snow, is out now. Also, catch her on The Sing-Off, which premieres Monday at 9 pm ET on NBC. What do you think of her holiday plans and gift mentality? Tweet us @OKMagazine.