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Who Would Maggie Lawson Cast As Her Ex On ABC's Back In The Game?



After eight amazing seasons on Psych, Maggie Lawson is stepping into a new role on ABC’s Back in the Game as a recently divorced single mom who takes on the daunting task of coaching a group of loveable little league misfits.

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But while you can take the girl out of Psych, you clearly can’t take the Psych out of the girl, because when asked who she’d cast as her ex-husband (who’s rumored to pop up for quite a few episodes in the series’ debut season), Maggie talked up one of her former costars.

“Who would make a funny ex-husband…Tim Omundson,” she says. “My ex-partner (on Psych) can play my ex-partner! I think that would be kind of funny.”

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Despite the fact that Back in the Game doesn’t premiere until Wednesday, September 25, the show already has a dedicated following who have dubbed themselves Fangles (in the premiere ep the little league team gets dubbed The Angles—so fans plus Angles = Fangles, get it?). Maggie says she’s touched by the support.

“I don’t tweet a lot,” she admits. “I need to start tweeting more. But I go on sometimes and I read (fan tweets) and, I think it was last night or the night before, I was so overwhelmed.  I was like, ‘I love you guys so much and I appreciate it so much.’ It’s so rare that people are that dedicated and they actually listen and pay attention and follow. It’s really, really, really nice. You don’t get a more dedicated, wonderful, loving fan base than Psychos. The fact that they’re supportive of this, because it’s a big deal to not be on Psych, is really nice.”

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Catch the series premiere of Back in the Game on Wednesday, September 25 at 8:30 PM on ABC.